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Part time & flexible

Part time employment is on the increase. Employers everywhere are waking up to the advantages of having a flexible, skilled workforce – and societal shifts mean that candidates are increasingly demanding flexibility.

Timewise Recruitment are experts at leveraging flexibility to gain a competitive advantage for our clients. You might want to improve diversity in your business, to increase productivity, or simply to save money. Part time and flexible arrangements are an effective strategic option to achieve these goals.

Even when you have a full time job to fill, offering a little flexibility can attract top candidates who won’t otherwise apply.

5 compelling reasons to offer flexibility:

1. Get a £60k candidate for £30k
Need a senior manager who can lead your team, but can’t afford their full time salary? Access their skills for the amount of time your budget allows. For a small and growing business, two or three days a week of top level input can be of greater value than a junior person working full time.

2. Hire two specialists instead of one generalist
Let’s say you’re hiring a PR Manager to lead your social media presence, handle internal comms, develop campaign ideas and proactively develop press relations. You’ll end up with someone who’s done a little bit of everything. Why not split the role and recruit two part time professionals, each with greater specialist skills?

3. If a job takes four days, why pay for five?
This one needs no explaining, yet 5 days a week remains an expensive habit for many businesses. How often do we really examine the demands of a role, and relate the tasks to staff time? Flexible job design at the point of recruitment can reveal the potential to improve efficiency.

4. Reach a more diverse talent pool of candidates
Over 500,000 people in the UK want to work, but will only consider a part time contract. They include many women, older workers and people with disabilities. By opening up to flexibility at the point of recruitment, you can attract skilled candidates who wouldn’t normally apply. These candidates usually have many years’ experience under their belt, and can make an immediate impact in their role.

5. Get back in commitment what you give in flexibility
People place a high value on flexible working patterns. Employers regularly report that part time candidates exceed the requirements of the job spec. What’s more, once hired, part time employees often prove to be highly motivated and focused on the job. They also take less sick leave and are known to be more loyal.